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Scroll through my projects and click on each image for more information!
Mechatronics: Remote Manipulation
RC Car
Robot Car
Stirling Engine
Airbus Internship
Formula SAE - Penn Electric Racing
Wind Turbine
Spiral Zipper Robot Arm
Stress Wave Propagation
Action Game
Self Hanging Tram & Bridge
Engineering without Borders
CAD and Rapid Prototyping
Aerodynamics using COMSOL
Pitching Arm
UI for Car Crash Analysis
CAD Misc.
Heat Transfer
Rocket Test Stand
Mechanics of Solids - ANSYS
Suspension Bridge
Robotic Finger - Arduino
Drag Racer
Dynamics Simulations
Hot Air Balloon
Software Engineering Internship
CAD - Mechanical Design
Penn Aerospace Club
Manufacturing Engineering Assistant
Technology Consulting Internship
Product Design
Entrepreneurship Venture
Scientific Computing
Product Design - Furniture
My Paintings
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